My Chemical Toilet wants you to stop listening to your iTunes, and give The Hype Machine, Deezer and others a go

Digital Music

snoop-dogg-with-computer.jpgYou still listen to CDs on your home stereos and discover new music in NME and Uncut? Bah! That’s completely 2004, noobs. Streaming, and discovering, music online is the way forward. Just ask iTunes, MySpace and, who are all industry leaders within the market.

But don’t let Steve Jobs, Rupert Murdoch and the East London boys rule your listening habits. Here’s where our music and festivals blog, My Chemical Toilet, can help you out. Stuart, our man-in-charge-of-the-office-speakers, has gathered together a list of new, possibly unheard of sites that you can stream music from, or simply read about new music on. Check the list out here for his thoughts on The Hype Machine,, Deezer and others.

My Chemical Toilet’s list of new music sites

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