Ian Rankin to promote next Rebus novel on Last.fm

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rankin-playlist.jpgPhysical books? Has the internetweb not killed them off yet? Kids nowadays don’t even know how to boot up a paperback, let alone refresh its firmware.

But that hasn’t stopped crime writer Ian Rankin from beavering away on the final novel in his Rebus series, and teaming up with Last.fm to promote it to the Web 2.0 generation. The book’s called ‘Exit Music’, and has its own page on Last.fm presenting 30 favourite tracks of Rankin and his fictional Edinburgh detective.

Rankin’s playlist includes Joy Division, The Cure, Lou Reed and, er, Van Der Graaf Generator. Meanwhile, Rebus is more of a Who, Black Sabbath and Fleetwood Mac man, although they agree on the Rolling Stones and Hawkwind. Anyway, it’s certainly a novel promotion. Literally.

Ian Rankin’s Last.fm page

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  • The ‘er’ before the VdGG mention is because the writer doesn’t know a whole lot about music outside the mainstream. He/She has probably never heard Godbluff or Still Life (which bites the tail off of anything the Cure ever did and has more true edge than they could imagine). He/She doesn’t know that VdGG isn’t your run-of-the-mill “prog” group and is worshipped by the likes of Johnny Rotten, Julian Cope, Mark E. Smith, Jello Biafra, Nick Cave, and, er, David Bowie. He/She has probably never heard Peter Hammill’s solo album ‘Nadirs Big Chance’ which was recorded in ’74 and is basically a blueprint for Never Mind The Bollocks. If you need to put an ‘er’ before VdGG when you’re including them in a list with Joy Division, The Cure, and Lou Reed, it’s only because they are more genuinely exploratory, maddening, and wonderfully warped than any of them. So I guess they would stand out. Er, quite right.

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