MusicMakesFriends aiming to steal's thunder

Web 2.0

musicmakesfriends.jpgMusicMakesFriends is a new Web 2.0 site offering personalised radio, music recommendations and social networking. It’s such an original idea, you’d think someone would have thought of it before. Oh, hang on…

Okay, so MusicMakesFriends sounds a lot like But then CBS recently paid $280 million for that site, so it’s not surprising to see rivals springing up. The latest does have some new ideas though, giving each user 2GB of space to store their own music, videos and photos.

Other features include customised playlists and radio stations, which the site says are fully legal due to its various licensing deals. Basic membership is free, and there’ll be a premium version launching in July that’ll cost less than £10 for unlimited access to the site’s swizzier features.

MusicMakesFriends website

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