Spaceport America – Virgin Galactic's hangar and terminal really will exist


virgin-galactic-spaceport.jpgAnd yes, they’re sticking with the wildly optimistic name Virgin Galactic.

The spaceport, based in New Mexico, is the streamlined doughnut/Millennium Falcon thing there in the photo. The required futuristic design has been put together by design partnership URS Corporation, which is also working with famed shiny building maker Sir Norman Foster.

The building “blends sensitivity to the environment, cutting-edge technology and a stunning image and shape when viewed from high above” according to New Mexico Spaceport Authority chair (awesome job title) Kelly O’ Donnell.

But the most impressive part of it all is that they’re actually going ahead with this whole thing – construction on the absurdly futuristic sounding Virgin Galactic Spaceport America is scheduled to begin in 2008.

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