GE Find It remote control key finder for STUPID PEOPLE


remote-key-finder.jpgOK, here’s the best-kept secret of the key world – just put your keys in the SAME PLACE EVERY DAY.

Put them on top of the fridge. Or on that little table. Or in the fruit bowl. Or on top of the TV. It doesn’t matter where you put them, as long as it’s ALWAYS IN THE SAME PLACE.

That way, you’ll never lose your keys, because when you momentarily think you’ve lost them all you have to do is remember where they always are. And they will be there. A simple measure that can save you hundreds of man hours a year.

It’s easy, free, and you won’t run the risk of someone buying you something like the awful GE Find It Remote for Christmas this year.

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Gary Cutlack
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  • Hello Love premiere and bebo finders!
    Password finders in the Bebo or with KeyEmails finders for the premiere tv moves !
    Here the key petition for the newcomer key 1
    At the Receiver

    > call the menu with the remote control
    Working on channel attitude > key for > NAGRAVISION >
    Up with arrow key up to the entry:
    PROVIDER 501 — type of NIDEA — index 1 — key
    The newcomer key 1 enter there, please:

    60 64 B8 AE 32 7F 63 3F DA 6C A0 42 45 A1 04 E1
    Password find im bebo
    To see menu in the screen is the key function.
    You see after right key petition in the little raked
    Screen window decoded this after short time picture.
    Saving OK button with this one
    With this one bakes button again Raus from the menu — manufacture
    Much happiness with premiere Hannah

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