The best baby dummy you'll ever see. Ever.


baby-dummy.jpgDummies (or pacifiers, if you’re from the US) are a controversial subject. For every parent who thinks they’re the devil’s babygadgets, there’s another who swears by them as a way to get some peace and quiet. Who’s right? Who knows.

However, everyone should agree that if you are going to stick a dummy in your toddler’s mouth, it needs to be this one. It’s actually been designed to promote a campaign to get parents to sort their kids’ wonky teeth out (I paraphrase) – the idea is that the dummy shows how your baby’s teeth may end up if you don’t Do Something About It.

They even come with a certain orthodontist’s business card attached, so panicked parents can call in for an appointment. I’d be laughing too much to do that – these things should get a full commercial production run!

(via Medgadget)

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