Handheld wooden SNES – the retro gamer's dream


Forget the Wii, Nintendo’s finest hour was surely the Super Nintendo. The Mega Drive might well have shifted more units, but the SNES had the games – Super Tennis, Super Mario Kart, Streetfighter II and 3D fest that was Starfox (although let’s be honest, that wasn’t great).

Well, nostalgia for the console lives on, with one devotee creating this simply stunning handheld SNES with a wood casing. How? Well, it seems to be part PSOne and part SNES – an unlikely partnership admittedly, but one that obviously works.

And no – you can’t buy one.

(Via Geekologie)

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One thought on “Handheld wooden SNES – the retro gamer's dream

  • You trying to re-write history?
    The Mega Drive sold a LOT less than the SNES.

    Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    49 million

    Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis
    29 million

    AND StarWING was great. Did you actually ever play it? I doubt it cause if you did you’d know it was only called Starfox in the US.

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