Serious about Guitar Hero? So is Logitech.


I’m sure you’ve seen those pictures of real guitars modded to work with Guitar Hero, and coveted them furiously. Me too. Well, covet no longer, because you can have your very own wooden guitar to play Guitar Hero on, courtesy of Logitech.

The guitar, over there, has a rosewood fretboard, metal frets, and a wireless range of up to ten metres, via 2.4GHz wireless technology. It’s even got the slider bar from Guitar Hero World Tour, so you can get that awesome whooshy phaser sound.

It’s PS2/PS3 only, but Logitech reckons it’ll work fine on all versions of Guitar Hero, and Activision has even fully licensed it to that effect. It’ll be available on Amazon UK, and cost a rather-hefty-but-oh-so-worth-it £150.


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The LG Shine Wood will cause many pants-tents when it launches in Korea

Got wood? Err, no, I’ve just got titanium black, actually. It’s the phone which will spark a thousand euphemisms, but unfortunately you’ll have to live in Korea in order to employ some clever double entendre, and obviously with the language difference, it wouldn’t work anyway.

The Wood (or LG-LB2500H for those with a memory unaffacted by constant model number remembering), isn’t actually made…