Joost to enter live-streaming market early 2008


joost-logo3.jpgNow that Joost has opened the floodgates and are allowing minions in willy-nilly, they’ve announced a huge incentive for people to join up. From early 2008, they’ll be live-streaming TV in the US, as well as their usual pre-packaged video fare.

Sadly it looks like it’ll start out streaming sports first, and then hopefully enter the full-blown television market. They’re also looking into offering a ‘catch-up’ service, where users will be able to stream live shows on-demand minutes after they’ve finished. Fingers crossed it proves popular, so we can see it on our shores next year, with better content than just sport. Like, err, Corrie.

Joost (via Gizmodo)

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Katherine Hannaford
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