Current TV snags interactive Emmy: will next year be Joost's turn?

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al-gore-emmy-current-tv.jpgIt’s the morning after the Emmy Awards, with Ricky Gervais scooping Best Comedy Actor, and Dame Helen Mirren waltzing off with Best Actress Who Was In The Queen And Also Some TV Show. But Al Gore will also be feeling chuffed this morning, after his Current TV cable network grabbed the Interactive Television Services Emmy.

It’s a sign that the broadcasting industry is keeping tabs on the rising tide of user-generated content (or, as Current TV calls it, ‘VC Squared’). But I wonder where this interactive Emmy will lead in the future. Current TV’s interactivity is about viewers submitting their own videos to be aired on the channel, rather than in the way people actually watch it.

I wonder if next year, we’ll see the first crop of Telly 2.0 services battling it out – say, Joost versus Babelgum versus Hulu versus the BBC’s iPlayer. Helen Mirren would probably be nominated too, obviously. It’s only right.

(via I4U News)

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One thought on “Current TV snags interactive Emmy: will next year be Joost's turn?

  • Current TV won an Emmy for the work of others that is grossly undercompensated. Original programming that is made by everyday people who are paid just $500 and lose full rights of their work to Current. How should that be rewarded?

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