Yahoo Mash: late to the social network party, mashes up popular services into its own

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yahoo_mash_logo.gifYahoo has decided, arguably a few years late, that it wants to get into the social networking game, by launching Mash.

It mixes various popular elements from the most well-known social sites, including adding customised backgrounds and colour schemes, but with the option for those viewing profile pages to turn off that styling, various additional modules which are due to be opened up to developers soon, plus the rather worrying ability to edit other people’s pages.

It’s a public beta at present, so any features missing which the community wants added will probably happen in future versions. Unfortunately, it’s only available to a select group of people who’ve been invited, or those that they invite.

Whether Yahoo has enough “coolness” to knock the likes of MySpace, Bebo, and Facebook from their thrones remains to be seen. Great features are all very well, but if your mates aren’t on the service, it’s fairly pointless.

Mash (via CNet News)

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