Joost opens the floodgates, so you can now sign up (and stop pestering me for invites)


joost-logo.jpgJoost, the online TV streamer which we got quite excited about and then promptly forgot, once we discovered the joys of streaming from Joox, has just been opened up to the public officially.

It’s been in beta for quite some time, with users only able to play around with its nifty interface and sadly uninteresting TV shows, but yesterday on the Joost blog it was announced anyone can sign up. So, has the content improved since we last looked at it on Tech Digest? Well, err…Viacom has partnered up with the Skype founders behind Joost, and are allowing shows from MTV, BET, Comedy Central and a few films from Paramount to be streamed. CBS, CNN and Major League Baseball have all joined forces as well, however the choices are all fairly limited. Unless you like Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, which it seems to be showing every time I log in to Joost.

Joost (via Ars Technica)

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