The world's best (alright, only) robot-shaped calculator



Surely a calculator-shaped robot would be a cooler thing to have in your pencil case? You could let it out in exams to shoot lasers at the invigilator while you crib quadratic equations answers from the person next to you. It’s daydreams like this that stopped me getting a decent Maths GCSE grade, incidentally.

Anyway, US gadget site Perpetual Kid is selling the less attractive option, a robot-shaped calculator. It comes with movable arms and hands that clamp onto pencils, with a magnetic back to store paperclips. Alas, it has no lasers, and can’t transform into a truck.

The calc costs $14.99, anyway. But if you went on the website and bought three, how much change would you get from $70? Two marks for a correct answer.

Robot Calculator Galactic Edition (via OhGizmo!)

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