London is an internet fraudster's paradise


crooks.gifAnti-fraud firm Early Warning has released new figures showing that crafty cockneys are the Brits most likely to be fraudulently obtaining goods over the internet. The company has even worked it out by postcode, identifying SE18 as the ‘Card Fraud Capital of Europe’. Those pesky Thamesmead residents, eh?

Other hotspots for fraudsters include Manchester, Coventry, Bristol and, er, Kilmarnock. Early Warning has launched an online postcode risk assessment tool allowing companies and eBayers to try and judge whether a new customer is potentially hooky.

I’m not sure how useful this really is though. Will companies refuse to deal with anyone who has an SE18 postcode? And it seems a bit unfair for people who you live somewhere where one well-organised bunch of criminals are conducting lots of fraudulent transactions.

Early Warning website

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Stuart Dredge
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