LEXON fire first shot in The Great Calculator War with the 'Jet'


I found one of these in a friend’s drawer last week, (and one of these in a box at home actually, you can kiss my feet and get my autograph later) and came to the conclusion ‘pocket’ calculator design reached its zenith in the early 80’s.

LEXON have since taken umbrage at my comments and announced an aluminum alloy sliding-phone style calculator which hides the screen when closed. It is available from April at KRW 42,000 (£21) for the silver version and KRW 52,000 (£26) for the gold.

Lexon Roswell: the most purdy calculator yet?


Wow, people still use calculators? I thought that sort of thing was handled by mobile phones or PC apps now. I use an abacus, obviously. Anyway, the Lexon Roswell calculator is almost enough to tempt me back, being a space-age device modelled on a flying saucer. Well, the base is.

Designers Yves Malka and Pierre de Poucques came up with the gadget, which is made from a single piece of aluminium, with keys cut out using some kind of high-tech laser. All gadgets should be made that way.

The Body Battery Calculator will stop you from frequenting Starbucks, guaranteed

body-calculator.jpgGreat. Just what I always wanted, another reason to lay off the Krispy Kreme Fridays at Shiny Towers. Bah!

For crazy health-conscious freaks who like nothing better to do that to work out how fat they are etc, take a look at The Body Battery Calculator. If you measure your heart rate, and can manage to shield your computer monitor from prying eyes, so you can enter in TOP SECRET information such as your weight (gasp!), height, body type (thank goodness the first option is average, you can claim you didn’t see the ‘obese’ option underneath) and age (cast furtive glances around you again), the calculator will work out just how much energy your body creates…

The world's best (alright, only) robot-shaped calculator


Surely a calculator-shaped robot would be a cooler thing to have in your pencil case? You could let it out in exams to shoot lasers at the invigilator while you crib quadratic equations answers from the person next to you. It’s daydreams like this that stopped me getting a decent Maths GCSE grade, incidentally.

Anyway, US gadget site Perpetual Kid is selling the less attractive option, a robot-shaped calculator…

Paul Frank Calculator Watch

There's some rather stylish retro technology on display over at Brandish today – the Paul Frank Calculator Watch. Yes, bringing back memories of sneaky calculations at the back of double maths classes, these water-resistant watches, available in a range of…