SAGEM launches my150x: thin and stylish mobile phone

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sagem_my150x_mobile_phone_retro.jpgSAGEM has launched its latest mobile phone, the 10mm thin slimline budget handset featuring “modern design with a retro feel”.

It features a 1.8-inch screen with NeoNTM technology that lights up the display in blue-tinted light, with information displayed in blue on a black background.

It’s simple to use, too, with the ordinary features you’d expect to find on a mobile phone: SMS, dual-band, vibrate, hands free, and polyphonic ringtones.

It’s certainly got an interesting look, so though it probably won’t dazzle in terms of advanced functions, it may just stand out from the crowd for its looks.

Available this month from Asda, exclusively on Orange pay-as-you-go, price to be confirmed.

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