Get yerself your very own sound with Soundbadge, and rejoice in your uniqueness

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With this opening statement on Soundbadge’s home page, ‘You’ve got a MySpace profile, an Open ID, a Gravatar, tons of indie badges. Anything missing? Yep: Your sound badge’, you can tell right away your indie-cred will rocket. You won’t even need to deliberately dirty your new Converse trainers anymore!

It takes about two minutes to create a Soundbadge, by choosing between ‘classic hip hop’, ‘latest electro’, or ‘good old country’. Once that’s out of the way, answer a few quick questions about your personality, and they’ll give you your very own sound. I imagined it’d be something along the lines of Ally McBeal’s ‘soundtrack’ in that awful TV show, you know, where her therapist told her to pick an empowering theme tune for her life, but no, mine is much more like a 5-second ’80s-era Kraftwerk sample. Brilliant.

After you’ve been sent a link to activate your account, you can then import the widget into your blog or use it as your Skype ringtone. Take a listen to mine, above, and see what you think – not bad, eh? I doubt I’d use it as my mobile ringtone like they suggest, however, I’m rather fond of my generic HTC Touch one, believe it or not.


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Katherine Hannaford
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