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doro_neobio_40_telephone.jpgSwedish consumer electronics company Doro has announced the launch of its NeoBio range of cordless DECT home telephones.

Apparently, it’s all about organic design, with NeoBio originating from an industrial design trend called “Neo Naturalism” which focuses on harnessing the energies of nature to create new and dramatic designs.

What does this mean for a telephone? Crisp, contemporary principles of Swedish design and stylish, comfortable, accessible handsets.

Each handset comes with two decorative skins, designed by illustrator Lina Ekstrand and inspired by the Scandinavian environment.

“Our ambition was to create an appealing home telephone that’s pleasing to look at with a design that can be changed to match the home’s interior. In developing NeoBio we have succeeded in coming up with a product that’s both stylish and comfortable to use. More importantly it doesn’t cost the earth. NeoBio(tm) makes hi-design accessible to the masses,” said Fredrik Forssell, Doro’s European Marketing Director.

Handsets available include:

NeoBio 10: caller ID, 20 position phonebook and redial
NeoBio 15r: 20 position phonebook, redial and integral answer machine
NeoBio 20: backlit display and keypad, caller ID, speakerphone and skins
NeoBio 25r: answer machine, backlit display/keypad, speakerphone and skins
NeoBio 40 (pictured): colour display, polyphonic tones, 100 position phonebook and skins
NeoBio 45r: answer machine, 100 position phonebook, colour display and skins

Prices range from £19.99 to £69.99, depending on the handset and number purchased, and will be available from Currys this month.


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