Go telephone retro with a genuine refurbished GPO dial telephone


retro_gpo_dial_telephone.jpgIf retro’s your thing, then make sure you get hold of a no-frills, genuinely refurbished GPO dial telephone, and get back to making phone calls the old fashioned way.

Forget touch tone, keypads, and frivolous novelties. These are genuine refurbished BT dial telephones in the classic design, and available in five colours: classic ivory, classic red, classic black, or even (for a heady mix of old and new), “Big Brother” Blue and Black, or two tone pink.

They have a real mechanical dial and twin bell ringer, and come with a new cable and standard BT plug. They don’t require batteries (naturally) and will work on any phone line that supports pulse dialling. They don’t work on Virgin Media lines, though.

The classic GPO type 746 dial telephone was introduced to the market in 1967. It rapidly became a design classic and was still available to BT customers until the 1980s.

It’s available now for £59.99.

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