BT develops Wii-like control for portable PCs


Waving it about is all the rage – and BT is getting in on the action with Balance, a USB add-on that offers control of your portable device in a manner not dissimilar to the Nintendo Wii.

Balance plugs into a spare USB port. Using motion sensors similar to the detectors built into Nintendo’s Wii Remote, information is converted by software into instructions for the machine’s Windows interface. So if you tilt your portable device, your cursor could also move or if you could shake it to restart. Or even better, you could use it for a spot of gaming.

Although BT is looking away from novelty uses, pointing out that it could be of use to people who might struggle to use small keys or those who need to use a PC with one hand.

Still in development right now, we’ll keep you posted when it hits the market.

BT website

Via The Register

Dave Walker
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