Sagem launches the 3G-friendly my850v handset

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I always associate Sagem with fairly reasonable entry-level handsets, but it seems to have upped the ante a bit with the my850v handset.

This is only the second-ever contract phone from the company, with availability with Vodafone from July 2007. For your tie in, you get a clamshell (or flip top if you like) handset in a shiny blue finish, with 3G and EDGE compatibility. The mirrored front displays the name of the person calling, the piece of music being played, a message received indication and the time as soon as an event occurs.

It also packs in a two megapixel camera, music and video player, video recording via a VGA camera, web browsing, Bluetooth 2.0 and games. 16MB of memory on board, but you can boost via microSD card.

The my850v is available for free with Vodafone on contract.

Sagem website

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