Pink Floyd go DRM-free with 7digital

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pink-floyd-drm.jpgHello, hello, is there anybody out there (still buying DRM-restricted music)? Pink Floyd is the latest band to have their back-catalogue knocked out as DRM-free digital tracks, thanks to a deal with UK etailer 7digital.

The company claims it’s the first UK-based online store to sell the Floyd’s “entire albums repertoire as DRM-free downloads” – which is a crafty bit of marketing language, since some of those albums are already as DRM-free iTunes Plus files on the iTunes Store.

Still, thumbs up to 7digital for its initial pricing, with several albums going for £5.49, and the rest (including the Echoes compilation) going for £6.99 – £1-2 cheaper than iTunes, and these are MP3s rather than Apple’s AAC files.

7digital Pink Floyd collection

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