Rolling Stones get DRM-free satisfaction with 7digital

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Online music store 7digital has announced something of a coup: it’s selling more than 20 Rolling Stones albums as DRM-free 320kbps MP3 files for £5.49 per album. I repeat: £5.49 per album. And it includes all the classics (hello, Exile On Main Street and Sticky Fingers), not just their newer stuff and live compilations.

The price point is a promotion, so only lasts for a few weeks. 7digital claims it’s the first music download service to offer all these albums as high-quality DRM-free files. That’s a slightly cheeky claim, since a number of them are already available as iTunes Plus downloads, albeit as 256kbps AAC files and more expensive.

However, 7digital does have a nifty widget letting you browse Stones albums (below), so I’ll forgive them.

Rolling Stones catalogue on 7digital

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