Shopping social networking site OSOYOU launches in beta

Web 2.0

osoyou67.jpg Surely some girls read Tech Digest, right? You’re not all hovering around Shiny Shiny getting your fix of all things pink and fluffy, are you? So hopefully there’s some of you who’ll be interested to hear that OSOYOU, the sparkly new social networking site we happen to share an office with here at Shiny Towers, just launched in beta yesterday.

Allowing you to create user profiles, drag and drop items to your wishlist using their super-cool clothes hanger, bookmark your favourite fashionistas, compare prices of items, it’s the savvy social networking tool for anyone who buys clothes. And let’s be honest here – none of us are sitting in front of their monitors nekkid now, so that’s all of you!


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Katherine Hannaford
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