Toshiba's pretty pleased with Paramount and Dreamworks' HD DVD decision


hddvd.pngRegardless of the true motivation behind Paramount and Dreamworks’ decision to go exclusively HD DVD, it’s no surprise at all that Toshiba are pretty pleased about the deal.

“We welcome the announcement from Paramount and DreamWorks Animation SKG,” said Yoshihide Fujii, Corporate Senior Vice President and President & CEO of Toshiba’s Digital Media Network Company, noting that it was “clearly significant” that Paramount, previously a supporter of both major high definition disc formats, had now opted for HD DVD.

“I understand that these decisions reflect [their] understanding of the present value and future potential that HD DVD brings to home entertainment, including cost-effective manufacturability and advanced features,” he nonchalantly continued.

Just one thing though. What the heck is “manufacturability”?

C’mon, Tosh, just how much “encouragement” did you give ’em to switch, eh?

Allegedly. Only joking.

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