LINDY launches NAS enclosure matching Mac Mini

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lindy_nas_mac_mini_storage_file_server.jpgLINDY has launched its latest enclosure designed to complement and sit underneath a Mac Mini, but usable by any home network configuration. It’s a NAS (Network-Attached Storage) device which is compatible with standard 3.5-inch ATA hard drives (which you supply yourself).

It features a built-in FTP (file transfer) server allowing up to five consecutive users on a network connect, plus support for Samba server, and a password-protected browser-based user interface to allow configuration.

It can connect to a home network in several ways, depending on how that network is configured, via a standard Ethernet connection. It can also connect directly to a Mac or PC via USB, acting simply as an additional storage device.

“It’’s inconvenient to always have computers turned on just to access shared files and for home users and small offices, the price of a full blown server including software is often too expensive to make it a viable option,”” said Andrew Ingram, Product Manager of LINDY Electronics. ““Our latest NAS enclosure is perfect for Mac Mini users who want to optimise
file sharing, but don’’t want to spoil the design of their machine or give up the extra space on their desks.””

It’s available now, priced £64.99.


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