Millions of mobile phone photos going to waste: enter the MAX BOX

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max_box_image.jpgNew research from Felix Group suggests that millions of photos captured using mobile phones are going to waste because people have either forgotten that they’ve taken them, or they get stored away digitally, never to exist in printed form.

They reckon that the average camera phone has 67 images on it, with the most popular types of photo being groups of friends/colleagues on a night out, family pets, family members, holiday snaps, and famous people spotted in public.

Now the company believe they’ve come up with a solution to get those shots out in the open. The MAX BOX.

We took a look the introduction of the MAX BOX earlier this year. Amongst other things, it allows a variety of physical merchandise to be printed from digital images, including standard paper prints, key rings, mouse mats, fridge magnets, mugs, and t-shirts.

Images can be transferred easily from a mobile phone using Bluetooth.

Now you can get that priceless (if slightly disturbing) picture of your boss and his PA at the company’s last Christmas do printed onto a variety of novelty items.

Andy Egan, CEO of Aim-listed Felix Group plc, the maker of MAX BOX, explains, “We believe the British horde more digital images on their phone than any other nation in the world. Our research shows that most people don’t know how to get them onto their computer or how to transfer a digital image to paper. Most people save and store them because there is little else to do with them. Now, using MAX BOX people can click a button and create something physical out of their digital images. Pubs, cinemas, shopping centres and high street retailers are already installing MAX BOX and we have also had interest from banks and corporate workplaces.”


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