Father's Day Gadget Gifts: Novelty gadgets

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It’s getting closer and closer to Father’s Day, so if you haven’t as yet bought something for the man who was too drunk to pop protection on, then why not consider these slightly silly novelty gadgets?

1.) USB Pole Dancer. Whether your ‘pa works the daily 9-5 grind in an office cubicle, or drives a cab for a living (no doubt your place of conceivement), there’s sure to be a place where he can plonk this USB pole dancer. It’s only £29.95, but before you buy, feast your eyes on the vid we made of it a few months back and consequently almost got us banned from YouTube.

2.) Finger Drum Kit. Dads tend to be so irritating – you know, they’re driving the Vauxhall, and tapping their fingers on the driving wheel out of tune to Rod Stewart or Dire Straits. Help him get his sense of rhythm back (oh ok, in the first place), by splashing out on this finger drum kit, £19.95 from I Want One Of Those.

microbeer.jpg 3.) BreZer Lager. Now, I have no doubts in my mind that you probably can’t afford that Asahi Robocco BeerBot robot, so this is probably one of the best booze-related pressies you can gift him with. It’s a mini micro-brewery, which takes just 21 days to create the perfect beer. Again, just £19.99, it’ll keep him rolling about on the floor like David Hasselhoff for hours.

4.) Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber. We’ve recently celebrated 30 years since the original Star Wars film, and really, what father doesn’t jones after George Lucas and his gadgets? With a choice of a Mace Windu for £89.95, or a Darth Maul double-sabre for £199.95, your father can join the dark side of the force faster than you can say ”you Lando!”

5.) Buck the Talking Stag. It may’ve been endorsed by Chris Moyles and seen on Big Brother, but please don’t let that put you off. Pricey it is, at £169, but you can use a microphone and out the choons will pop from its mouth, in your very own (off-tune) voice. Karaoke-tastic!

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