Spike TV fit NY bus stops with Star Wars lightsabers, just in case


SpikeTV are advertising the fact they’re about to show the full Star Wars saga on TV (that’s honestly all they’re celebrating, why don’t ITV do this?) with a neat bit of marketing. Bus stop windows in New York are being converted into ‘use in case of emergency’ boxes, complete with lightsabers. Or at least fluorescent lights signifying lightsabers. Either way, being as it’s Star Wars, it won’t be long before we’re hearing reports of fanatics smashing these things open and taking home whatever’s inside.

Father's Day Gadget Gifts: Novelty gadgets

It’s getting closer and closer to Father’s Day, so if you haven’t as yet bought something for the man who was too silly to pop protection on, then why not consider these slightly silly novelty gadgets?

1.) USB Pole Dancer. Whether your ‘pa works in the daily 9-5 grind in an office cubicle, or drives a cab for a living (no doubt your place of conceivement), there’s sure to be a place where he can plonk this USB pole dancer. It’s only £29.95, but before you buy, feast your eyes on the vid we made of it a few months back and consequently almost got us banned from YouTube…