On 40th birthday of ATM, MAX BOX 'super cashpoint' arrives


maxbox.jpgDid you know that this year is the 40th birthday of the ‘hole in the wall’ automatic teller machine?

In 1967, Reg Varney took out emergency cash using a PIN in front of huge crowds in Enfield (you’d tell ’em to buzz off now in case they were trying to nick your card, wouldn’t you?)

Forty years on, the MAX BOX is attempting to revolutionise the world of ATMs. Not only can you withdraw cash, but you can order flowers, print photos, play games, buy mobile ringtones, and more. When they’re installed in pubs and shops, they can be fitted with a jukebox and become a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The MAX BOX terminal features two screens and can also be used to display advertising. New products and content can be added easily. Apparently the boxes are now rolling out across the UK, including trials in Odeon cinemas.

Sounds like a good idea if you want to play Sudoku in the middle of a convenience store. Thankfully it’s not going to replace banks’ ATMs, as it’d be pretty irritating if someone was listening to the latest Robbie track whilst you were trying to get cash out on a Friday night.


Andy Merrett
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