Dell breaks Microsoft hold: will sell PCs with Linux operating system


dell-logo.gifThough the suggestion has been around for a few months now, Dell has confirmed that it will begin shipping PCs with the Linux open source operating system to customers who ask for it.

Customer demand has increased, with 70% of the 100,000 people who took part in a recent Dell survey saying they’d use Linux.

Nick Veitch, senior editor of Linux Format magazine, said the move was “significant”, suggesting that it send two messages: that Linux is usable to the average user, and that there is a growing demand for a Windows alternative.

Dell has not yet announced which version of the operating system they’ll use, or which machines it will be pre-installed on.

Whilst it may not pose an imminent threat to Microsoft, it is good that large manufacturers are listening to their customers, and offering alternatives where they’re available. Yes, it’s possible to install Linux on a PC yourself, but it’s a whole lot easier to have the machine arrive that way.

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “Dell breaks Microsoft hold: will sell PCs with Linux operating system

  • It’s not that I’m saying pre-installed systems COULD save your time. I’m saying installing Kubuntu is does not take the time and trouble that a “clean” install of Windows does.

    Therefore, pre-installation is a great milestone BUT not nearly as big of a time saver with Kubuntu vs, Windows; sans (now more rare) anti-competitve devices that also don’t work with anything but Windows. Google the hardware BEFORE you buy.

    So why wait? Start with KUBUNTU Dapper (6.06.1). Download the “Alternate” CD if under 192MB or so of RAM. 128MB RAM or less (if it is maxed out memory) might try Puppy Linux. Less than 128MB and it’s time to make it a server or something(with Ubuntu server).

    Dual boot and see what all th fuss is about!

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