Lindy launches 3 port FireWire 800 repeater hub


lindyfirewirehub.jpgLindy has announced the launch of its 3 port FireWire 800 repeater hub that will allow users to connect two FireWire peripherals to a computer at up to 4.5m in distance.

The hub can be used to connect FireWire devices of any speed (100/200/400/800), and peripherals can be hot-plugged and hot-swapped, with additional hubs daisy chained up to 63 devices.

Though FireWire has been taken off the latest iPod models, there are plenty of peripherals that still use it, including external disk drives, cameras, and camcorders. FireWire 800 still exceeds USB2’s speed.

It can either be bus-powered or self-powered, and comes with a 1m FireWire 800 9 pin Beta cable. It measures 100 x 60 x 15mm.

Available now for £44.99.


Andy Merrett
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