LINDY launches small, stylish KVM switch for dual computer users


In my mind, KVM switches were always the domain of the sysadmins in the IT department who had two PCs on the go but only enough room on their desk for one keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

Now, though, dual computer use is becoming popular at home, too, and desk space is often just as precious. Enter LINDY’s KVM switch, a modern, compact switch that allows any Mac or PC combo to be used with a single keyboard and mouse, together with a DVI monitor connection…

LINDY launches NAS enclosure matching Mac Mini

lindy_nas_mac_mini_storage_file_server.jpgLINDY has launched its latest enclosure designed to complement and sit underneath a Mac Mini, but usable by any home network configuration. It’s a NAS (Network-Attached Storage) device which is compatible with standard 3.5-inch ATA hard drives (which you supply yourself).

It features a built-in FTP (file transfer) server allowing up to five consecutive users on a network connect, plus support for Samba server, and a password-protected browser-based user interface to allow configuration.