LINDY introduce USB audio adapter for VoIP users

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LINDY USB 2.0 Audio Adapter for VoIPLINDY have introduced their USB 2.0 Audio Adapter which they’re aiming at VoIP users who want to make and receive calls independently of their main sound system. Instead of having to switch between headsets and speakers, users can set up their PC audio for music and gaming, whilst still being able to use VoIP.

This PC and Mac-compatible adapter features a Crystal Media chipset and has connections for a mic and stereo headset or speakers. A push button allows the microphone input to be muted when not in use, and a series of LEDs display audio activity and mute status.

When receiving a call via a service such as Skype, the call comes through the headset and not the PC speakers. The unit is so small that it can be used with a laptop. It’s plug and play and comes with a 1m extension cable. It works with both USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports.

It costs £10.99 from LINDY.


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