Dell introduce Presto consumer support service in UK


dell-logo.gifDell believe they’re coming to the rescue of their PC users by introducing a new customer support service called Presto. Launching today in the UK, France, and Germany, Presto offers a ‘comprehensive, convenient and easy-to-use support service’ covering issues such as virus protection, security, software upgrades, and wireless networking.

“Presto helps our customers get the most from their Dell PC and the applications and devices designed to work with it,” said Dave Moore, Director, Presto. “PCs are increasingly becoming the springboard for people to explore their own creativity, learn more, and discover new hobbies. With these new applications come new challenges. Presto addresses the everyday challenges of the PC user to give them the help they want, quickly and at their convenience, 24/7.”

Dell think that their solution is better than having to drop off your PC to a repair centre. Instead, you either talk through and solve your problem over the phone, or request a technician to come to your home.

If problems are outside the hardware service contracts on Dell’s products, then two options are available: OnCall gives 24/7 access to the Presto helpline, without any premium-rate charges. Dell staff may use Dell’s remote takeover tool, DellConnect, to correct a problem. Alternatively, OnSite will provide trained technicians to the customer’s home or business.

The Presto service offers this with fixed tariffs rather than hourly rates or premium call lines. Anual membership costs start at £79 for OnCall support and £79 for OnSite.

Alternatively, you could just ask your tech-savvy mate to sort out your problems in return for a couple of pints.

Dell Presto

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