Dell fares worst with inevitable laptop explosions


An interesting post over at The Inquirer suggesting that for Dell, as the number one, or possibly two, laptop manufacturer on the planet, there’s a certain inevitability about a few of their notebook computers catching fire.

What doesn’t help is their interesting interpretation of ‘service and support’ which can lead to frustrated customers.

Unnerving as it may seem, even modern lithium batteries are effectively little high-energy packages that have the potential to explode due to any manufacturing defect or mishandling.

Is Dell perhaps just one of the companies we love to hate? Pick on the big guy? Other notebooks are as susceptible to the problem (unless they don’t use batteries…).

Apple’s been recalling and replacing MacBook batteries, and other PC manufacturers have had their problems.

Whatever make or model of notebook you have, it’s at best an annoyance, and at worst, dangerous, if your machine spontaneously combusts – but seemingly just ‘one of those things’ – a small but potential risk of carrying round a large chunk of metal and chemicals on your lap.


Andy Merrett
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