Lindy introduce MiniCam Pro webcam with built-in lighting and audio

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lindywebcam.jpgLindy have introduced their USB MiniCam Pro webcam featuring built-in infra-red and while LEDs to illuminate the subject in dark conditions, an optional desk stand, and flexible neck design.

The Lindy USB MiniCam Pro has a high sensitivity 350k pixel CMOS sensor and an adjustable glass lens which can focus on items as close as 3cm.

The webcam can be used to capture still pictures, video at 30fps, and audio, making it useful for video conferencing, video IM, Skype, recording your own video podcast, and such like.

The LINDY USB MiniCam Pro and USB MiniCam Pro with Desk Stand are available now for £21.99 each.


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Andy Merrett
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