Lindy introduce mini 4-port USB hub


have released what they say is the smallest 4-port USB hub currently on the market, and they’re targeting it at on-the-move notebook users who’ve just run out of USB ports.

Sized 4cm squared with a width of 9mm, its tough metal grill should be robust enough to cope with life on the road, and it comes with a 80cm cable. It will handle USB 2.0 devices with a combined power consumption of up to 500mA – so you can use bus-powered devices such as keyboards, mice etc. as well as self-powered devices like printers, cameras and drives. It’s just as happy on a Mac as a PC.

It also comes with a pretty small price too – £8.99 – so you could go crazy and buy two. Available now.

Lindy web site

Andy Merrett
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