Microsoft to push IE7 as high priority update

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The latest version of Microsoft’s ‘love it or hate it’ web browser, Internet Explorer 7 – due to launch towards the end of this year – will be a ‘high priority’ update, according to Microsoft.

What this means for users is, unless they explicitly do something to block it, IE7 will download in the background via the Automatic Updates system and notify them when it’s ready to install.

Users can still opt not to install at this final prompt, but they’ll be strongly urged to proceed with the upgrade, with a splash screen plugging all the advanced features IE7 will offer, including better security, tabbed browsing, and closer web standards compliance.

According to Microsoft’s IE blog, Internet Explorer 6 won’t be obliterated – users can ‘roll back’ to the previous version by using the Add/Remove Programs control panel.

Good thing to, if reports stating that many web sites and services aren’t yet ready for some of the updates to IE7 are to be believed.

Getting IE7 in front of as many people as possible by this method should speed its market penetration, so web developers will need to ensure that their systems work properly with it. Time will tell.

Read the IE blog entry for more details.

Andy Merrett
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