Lindy’s HDMI Switch Remote – increase your HDMI inputs


Sometimes one or two isn’t enough – certainly not when the PlayStation 3 arrives. Toshiba yesterday offered us three HDMI inputs with their REGZA WLT68 series of TVs, but a cheaper way of boosting your number of connections is with Lindy’s HDMI Switch Remote, a useful device that ups your HDMI inputs to the same number without upgrading your TV.

Adding the HDMI Switch Remote means you can connect a Sky box, DVD and gaming console, then switch between them using an included remote control or the buttons on the front panel. The unit can support high definition video resolutions of up to 1080p, multi-channel digital audio and HDCP. The remote features four user selectable IR codes to avoid conflicts with other devices.

You can pick up the HDMI Switch Remote now for around £150.

Lindy website

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