Review: Alienware Aurora m9700

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The Aurora m9700 is  Alienware’s first 17” SLI notebook. Armed with a 64 bit AMD Turion CPU and up to 2GB of RAM this laptop will handle all but the most intense of modern gaming graphics without batting an eyelid. But, you guessed it, there’s a cost – the m9700 is one hefty beast weighing in at over 3.90kg and with dimensions of 4.70 x 39.75 x 29.85 cm. Not the kind of thing you’re going to carry to work or whip out for quick play on the train too often.

However, a decent selection of video inputs and outputs, as well as a optical and 5.1 speaker outputs make this notebook into a pretty decent desktop alternative. No it isn’t an ultra-portable but it’s hell of a lot easier to take this round to a friends house for a bit multiplayer gaming than it is to rip apart your desktop and stick that in the car, trust me.

The Alienware Aurora m9700 is available now starting from a  pretty reasonable £1,200 – check out GadgetCentre for the full review.

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