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So you want to be a DJ? Right, that’ll be two decks, a mixer, a speaker system, some new headphones and a table big enough to fit them all on. Oh yes, and a box of vinyl records. If all that sounds like hard work, you could slim down the price and the volume of kit you need with this Ministry of Sound DJ CD player/scratcher.

It’s aimed at DJs who have traded in their vinyl for CDs. Or more likely, wannabe DJs who have never bought a piece of vinyl in their lives. You can load your CD into the front CD slot, then do all those DJ tricks via the turntable and the controls on top. You can cue up your track (as you would on a vinyl deck), adjust pitch control  from 8% to 32%, do all the deck spinning moves with the large jog wheel, scratch via the touch sensitive panel, create seamless loops and play around with your music with the sound effect controls.

There’s even a BPM counter and a CD Time remain/Time elapsed function so you know where you are with your track. Not the real thing, but very likely lots of fun. It’s available now for around £250.

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