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The record spinning purists tore their hair out when Numark brought out the iDJ console last year. Imagine Djing with two iPods? Well, they’ve upgraded it – and you only need the one iPod now.

The iDJ2, which Numark claim is a professional iPod mixing console (though I’ve yet to see the old version in a club or even bar) now has a single iPod dock, but rather cleverly, can play two tunes at a time. It can deliver real-time scratching, pitch control, looping, and full cueing up of your tunes.

There’s also an LCD screen, visual track-profiling, the ability to record musical performances to a docked iPod (which you can then offer as a podcast I imagine – copyright permitting) and support for MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and AAC formats. And don’t worry if you don’t use an iPod – connectivity is open to other digital music players via USB ports.

No word on price and release date. We’ll keep you posted.

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  • The iDJ2 is a worthless product, DO NOT waste your money on this. The features are great, but the unit is completely unstable, it shut down on me in the middle of a gig, and left me with nothing. It has all kinds of bugs and glitches, and when you contact Numark they say that there is nothing wrong with it, even though it kept freezing, shutting, etc. Save youself the headache, time, and money, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  • I will like to know if you can do Beat Maching with the iDj2??


  • Its look good, but I prefer Technics turntables and “final scratch” records using “DJ Decks” software…

    If you want a portable DJ system (like PSP but for DJs).
    Try using one “PocketPC” and “Pocket DJ studio” software (2 MP3 players, with PITCH, and PITCH BEND buttons).
    And you can carry it in your hand.

  • But can it do beat matching (e.g. speed control)? That was always a weakness of the old iDJ; and it was also the reason a lot of live DJs were reluncant about CDs until the likes of the First Denon and Pioneer cd decks that could change speed for beat matching.

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