ADS Mini Dual TV


ADS have launched the Mini Dual TV. An upgrade of their previous TV USB kit, the new version can bring both digital and analogue TV to your laptop or PC to view and record.

The ADS Mini Dual TV features a Silicon TV tuner that is compatible with worldwide analogue TV broadcast standard – PAL, NTSC or SECAM and like the previous version, can decode digital TV signals too. It comes bundled with ADS’ Media TV PVR digital home theater software, which allows you to watch and record TV broadcasts, then burn to disc in VCD or DVD format if you so wish. And with the time-shifting feature, you can also rewind, fast-forward or pause live TV. 

The Mini Dual TV will be available in early April for around £100. There’s plenty of other similar products around like this, so it’s probably best to shop around a bit before diving in.

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