3D printing moves one step closer…


3d-printing.jpgSome boffins have been running tests involving laser printers. Tests that, like all good tests, have so far involved dogs, facial restructuring and cutting-edge technology.

The scientists, from the Tissue Engineering Department at the University of Tokyo Hospital, have successfully printed out 3D bone replacements using enhanced inkjet technology. They scan the patient, build a 3D model of the required piece, then CTRL+P it to their special printer. They hope it will come in handy for creating precise bones to match injured patients – we hope it’ll lead to printing out life sized versions of Evangeline Lily.

The 3D printer will go on sale in 2017, priced £49.99. 3D Ink cartridges will be made available simultaneously, priced £17,999,999,999.95.

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Gary Cutlack
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