Scientists invent immersive 3D video system

Virtual Reality

twister-3d-tv.jpgOr, to give it its full name, the Telexistence Wide-angle Immersive STEReoscope.

Fortunately, it has a shorter nickname – TWISTER.

TWISTER is a 1.2 metre tall cylinder keen 3D video viewers stand inside, which contains 50,000 little LEDs. The display revolves 1.6 times a second around the viewer, with the LEDs showing a slightly different image as they pass.

This tricks the stupid old human brain into thinking it’s seeing a 3D image. How we ever evolved beyond mud huts and sticks in a mystery. TWISTER is actually using the same simple system as the old red/blue 3D lens system, which fools the gullible brain into thinking it’s seeing the same object from two different positions.

TWISTER currently plays back pre-recorded video, although the developers are aiming to include a telephone feature – where TWISTER records video of the booth occupant and beams the data to another TWISTER pod for full 3D chat action.

When the adult entertainment industry gets its hands on this it’ll be DYNAMITE.

Via (Pink Tentacle)

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