Sendo X2 and the first 3D screen

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Sendo took its own sweet time launching the X onto the market, which left what was once an exciting new mobile looking pretty much the same as the competition by the time it actually reached the buying public. So forgive us for our less-than-enthusiastic reaction to the X2. Not because it sounds like a useless phone – quite the opposite – but because we’re waiting till it actually goes on sale before we pass judgement. If it comes out soon, this will be an appealing handset, offering a 1.3-megapixel camera and a casing that’s just 4mm thicker than Motorola’s V3 RAZR – plus Symbian’s smartphone functionality of course.

Meanwhile, the is set to be the first handset to feature a "photo quality 3D effect display". The candy bar phone comes with a high contrast, 3D feature screen that displays colour backgrounds using Sendo’s Sendo ScreenZ technology. It’s not entirely clear what the company means by this. But since the handset is being pitched at the entry level market, we’re guessing it’s not going to look the same as the 3D screens sported by some of Sharps super high tech gizmos over in Japan.

In fact, we’re guessing that the company just means it’s got a very bright screen on it. Also announced was the K1 – a Bluetooth handset and headset kit that comes ready-made for people who don’t want to faff about pairing devices.

You can read more about the phones, and also about Sendo’s new cherry logo (which is going to help them to take over the world, apparently) on the Sendo site.


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