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Motorola’s 3GSM annoucements were leaked a few days early, but the grainy photos weren’t really that revealing. Now the press releases have gone out, the handsets that have been confirmed are the SLVR V8 (codenamed the "Royal Blade", PEBL V6 and the special edition Black RAZR V3. All three handsets are based around the original V3 RAZR and Moto is hoping to build on the success of its superslim handset with these similarly badly spelt phones. Keep reading for the full blurb.
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Details from the press release follow:

Motorola PEBL V6

The Motorola PEBL is indisputably elegant with its round and smooth shape. This unique clam has a responsive opening mechanism that allows users to operate and open the phone one-handed and comes in a highly polished metal finish adding to its effortlessly cool appearance. With integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology, a 5MB memory and VGA camera, this triband phone is an understated hi-tech package.

Motorola SLVR V8

Introducing the SLVR V8, a razor-thin candy bar that weighs in at only 85 grams. Crammed into its sleek blade-like form is an integrated VGA camera, Bluetooth® connectivity, digital audio player and EDGE high-speed data exchange. A spacious 176 x 220 pixel TFT display with up to 262K colours lets you see your pictures and videos at their very best and then save and remove them on a Trans Flash memory card. The SLVR V8 is the anchor product in a new series of SLVRs coming soon.

Motorola Special-Edition Black RAZR V3

Building on the outstanding success of the RAZR V3, Motorola has introduced a special-edition RAZR V3 in jet black. The phone was provided to the top acting and directing nominees of this year’s Academy Awards and will not only grace the red carpet, but will also be coming to stores worldwide very soon.

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