Fujifilm launches QuickSnap Marine – disposable waterproof camera


So, you have your music with you in the water, so how about taking a few snaps too? That’s no problem with the Fujifilm QuickSnap Marine.

Yes, there are other waterproof cameras on the market, but this one has a big plus – it’s a cheapie disposable, which means if it gets swallowed by a large fish, you can nip back to the shops and buy another without it wiping out your hoiday cash. It can be used in up to 10m of water and can capture images up to ISO 800 – 27 of them before it’s ready for developing.

Korea only at the moment, but we’re sure to see it here. The QuickSnap Marine retails for the equivalent of £8.

Fujifilm website

Via Aving USA

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