Shimadzu head-mounted monitor / HUD


dataglass-screen.jpgJapanese tech company Shimadzu (bless you!) has created this fashionable piece of headwear for the discerning Facebook addict – the DataGlass HMD video system.

You whack it into your PC’s USB socket and are greeted by the impression that a 10″ monitor screen is floating in front of you about two feet away. But only in front of one of your eyes.

It’s rainproof and dustproof, thanks to being aimed at the sort of people who do proper jobs outside and in factories, so they can work away adjusting machinery or whatever it is they do, while also checking things on a computer.

The makers have put together a movie of the thing in action over here, with friendly office staff leading you through a fact-filled demonstration.

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One thought on “Shimadzu head-mounted monitor / HUD

  • I think this is a really good invention. I use face book more often than my space. I like the fact that it’s dust proof, water proof, and easy to use. What more could you ask for?

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